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Fudu Digital E-Commerce Installation and Management Service

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    Fudu Digital E-commerce Installation and Management Service

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    E-commerce Site Setup and Management Service Process

    Check out the process steps of our e-commerce setup and management service we offer to our customers who want to sell their products online!

    Competitor Analysis

    The products, e-commerce sites and infrastructures used by competitors in the same sector are analyzed and examined.

    Strategy Identification

    The e-commerce strategies to be used are determined. Parameters such as the products to be sold, the presentation of the products, the types of visuals to be used, and the digital marketing methods to be applied are determined.

    Product Data Entry

    After the installation, our customer's products, information, payment terms, prices and similar data are carefully entered into the new e-commerce site.

    Infrastructure Selection and Setup

    After all analyzes and examinations, the most suitable e-commerce infrastructure is selected according to the customer, sector, product and customer demands, and the installation is made by our expert software team.

    Digital Marketing Strategies

    After all the work is completed, digital marketing activities are planned and implemented in accordance with the sector and products.


    At the last stage, the customer can manage the new e-commerce site on their own, or Fudu Digital will manage it on their behalf. Fudu is with you!

    Customer Oriented

    Why Fudu Digital?

    Features that distinguish Fudu Digital from other digital marketing agencies;

    Fudu Digital
    Other Agencies

    Is it focused on the problems of the customer and its brand or is it focused on the fee it will receive from the customer.

    Customer oriented
    Fee oriented
    Additional Fees

    Does it charge additional fees during and after the service.

    No additional fees
    There are additional fees

    Do small brands have the same price tariffs as others.

    Pricing each brand according to its size
    Fixed high price tariff
    Unique Content

    Is the content produced original or copied.

    Completely unique
    Customer Support

    Customer support after the sale of services.

    24 hours free support
    Hourly paid support service

    Frequently Asked Questions About E-Commerce Setup and Management

    With e-commerce setup and management service, we create e-commerce sites for our customers to sell their products online and enable them to step into the digital world. We set up and deliver our customers' e-commerce sites on a turnkey basis in the way they want. If our customers wish, we can also undertake the operational management of the e-commerce site we build.

    Fudu Digital already provides e-commerce setup and management services to more than 40 customers. We set up our customers' e-commerce sites and deliver them completely ready for sale. As of today, the sales of our customers, which we also provide after-sales support, exceed 13 million TL turnover.

    To benefit from our service and for your questions about e-commerce, you can call us on +90 551 859 40 89 or contact us from our contact page!

    Thanks to our Fudu Digital e-commerce setup and management service, we make your idea of selling your products or services online online for a long time a reality. With our affordable prices and high quality e-commerce site setup service, we deliver your site on turnkey basis without you having to do anything. Your dreams will come true with your e-commerce site, which is very easy to manage.

    Our prices vary according to many different factors. Our client's position in the sector, the size of the company, the difficulty of the work to be done, the amount of time and resources to be spent, the number of products and similar factors change our price. With all these, our prices are more affordable than other digital marketing agencies.

    You can check our Instagram account to browse our works and sample works!

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